Calypso: Eliminating Modern Financial Market Challenges

Calypso: Eliminating Modern Financial Market Challenges

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Didier Bouillard, CEO, CalypsoDidier Bouillard, CEO
At the 2018 edition of Sibos, an annual banking and financial conference, consolidation was the buzzword among financial firms. The market as such is striving for a single source of truth where businesses can consolidate all the business processes in a single environment with efficient management of the existing challenges such as dynamic changes in compliance and advancement in technology. This is where Calypso takes center stage through its cloud-enabled, front-to-back multi-asset platform that empowers organizations to face multiple regulatory requirements without any hassles. The company’s innovative solutions enhance reliability, adaptability, and scalability across several aspects in the financial markets, which include investment management, central banking, clearing, treasury, liquidity, collateral, and capital markets.

After the Financial Crisis of 2008, governments across the globe have started implementing various reforms and regulations like Dodd-Frank and EMIR that regulate the capital markets and protect consumer rights. These regulatory changes have made a significant impact on electronic trading, mandatory clearing, and trade reporting, making way for complex derivative operations and workflows. Calypso’s multi-asset, front-to-back trading, processing, risk management, and accounting platform enhances transparency in the OTC derivatives markets. Calypso offers an end-to-end solution for capital markets, called Bank-in-a-Box, that provides in-built business processes and operating manuals. The solution is developed in collaboration with various global banks to streamline, consolidate, and document their processes and systems in the face of market and regulatory changes. Bank-in-a-Box facilitates the elimination of fragmented environments that help banks to reduce operational risks and support costs. The industry-leading platform offers a first-of-its-kind standardized capital markets operating model and documented pre-configured business processes for all asset classes and capital market functions.

Bank-in-a-Box is a fundamental rethink of capital markets technology that will not only reduce costs, it also permits banks to focus on the delivery of value-added solution to their clients

The product strategy of Calypso is to deliver maximum business values to the clients by offering a holistic view of pricing, risk, compliance, and back-office processing. Calypso’s unique solutions empower its clients to incorporate collateral, securities lending, and treasury in a single environment, enabling them to optimize their balance sheet, reduce their lending cost, and have a comprehensive view of their liquidity. The company’s consolidation strategy not only revolves around simplifying the client’s architecture but also to fortify its business functions. Didier Bouillard, CEO at Calypso, says, “Consolidation is the new trend for our customers. We deliver a true multi-asset platform to consolidate multiple functions on a single environment.” Furthermore, amid frequently changing regulatory regimes, the company sets up a market watch that keeps track of all the changes in compliance, which the clients use to stay updated about any changes in the regulations.

Calypso also inculcates modern technological tools in its platform to adapt to any changes in the regulations at minimal costs, making way for a seamless and streamlined compliance regulation process. Calypso recently helped a Brazil-based BTG Pactual to manage their business challenges efficiently. The fully integrated multi-asset platform allowed BTG Pactual to replace five of their legacy solutions with a single environment. The platform also endowed BTG Pactual with the ability to achieve a global standard in application architecture, with STP automation that helped to reduce operational risks.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, Calypso is investing substantially in smart technologies like AI, machine learning, and big data analytics, among others to enhance the scalability and reliability of its core platform. Imbibing on its decade-old experience on cloud service, the company plans to build a true native cloud solution that can run on multiple cloud service platforms.

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Didier Bouillard, CEO

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