Axe Trading: The Technology to Master Fixed-Income Trading

Axe Trading: The Technology to Master Fixed-Income Trading

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Dinos Daborn, Co-Founder & Director, Axe TradingDinos Daborn, Co-Founder & Director
The capital markets industry is highly dynamic, prone to regulatory fluctuations, and at the same time, open to opportunities. Investors have now started paying attention to the emerging trend of fixed-income investments. When it comes to trading with fixed-income investments, determinants such as credibility, interest rate, reinvestment rate, pricing, and purchasing power dictate the success of the investment portfolio. With so many variables playing a role, tracking the inventory and their returns can be tedious without the help of robust technology. Axe Trading is an intuitive fixed investment EMS platform that provides solutions to sell-side, buyer-side, and broker agents, to help them stay compliant, efficient, and affordable.

“Axe Trading was engineered from the ground up to meet the sophisticated needs of today’s financial institutions,” says Dinos Daborn, co-founder and director of Axe Trading. The company deals with businesses that sell fixed investments, such as mid-tier banks and traders. While traditional trading platforms are information heavy and fragmented, Axe Trading’s FI-EMS solution has unique features such as integration of aggregate pricing and listing from multiple sources, customizable pricing sheets, merging of business’ trading data with market data, client segregation, and auto-quoting. It also provides seamless integration of middle and back-office systems, in order to reduce operational risks, and improve efficiency and regulatory compliance. Axe Trading is regulated by the MiFID 2 framework for functioning and reporting.

An end-to-end data-centric system, FI-EMS feeds key information back to the system, to continuously refine and improve itself. By analyzing various liquidity elements such as price quality, counterpart quality, price uniqueness, and bid-ask spread, the EMS platform can automate the bond’s liquidity value giving an edge to Axe Trading’s customers over companies using other EMS platforms.

We recognized long ago that the fixed-income markets were going electronic, and have remained committed to our mission of enabling institutions to thrive in a new market structure

The FI-EMS platform broadens liquidity access channels, bringing interests of non-broker dealers into view and facilitating trade without any interference of a sell-side brokerage, which in return helps the system with valuable raw data about the buy-side trading.

Axe Trader’s ability to integrate in-house data with market data, opens up a plethora of features and possibilities that users can utilize. For a sell-side customer, automated pricing and improved regulatory compliance are elements to capitalize upon as a trading firm. On the other hand, a buy-side user gains a better understanding about the liquidity source and execution venues. With multiple execution options and integrated OMS, a buy-side user can handle orders with the right strategy. Axe Trading’s platform can also be used by agency brokers for integrating their daily operations into one application. The real-time pricing management and aggregation help the brokers to serve their clients better. Being MiFID 2 compliant, Axe Trading platform aggregates clients’ requests and orders from all market channels and order types, and its seamless workflow across electronic and voice improves efficiency with all transaction data at hand.

With an experienced team of pioneers in the capital market, Axe Trading aims to integrate, automate, and improve fixed-income trading by being innovative. “We recognized long ago that the fixed-income markets were going electronic, and have remained committed to our mission of enabling institutions to thrive in a new market structure,” adds Daborn. Axe Trading operates in 20 countries across four continents and is the official partner for Boerse Stuttgart, the leading fixed-income dealer in Germany.